Beyonce And Kelly Rowland Make ’12 Scariest Lace Fronts’ List

Bieber, Gaga, and Black are all being honored by being among the nominees of the brand new ribbons. The OMA’s were created to credit all things in digital music.

100 fans will join beyonce onstage during her half-time appearance at the super Bowl in February, all because with regards to a promotional contest announced. Pepsi asks fans to submit photos — strangely, not videos — of themselves dancing. 50 fans (and an accompanying partner) can be selected to boast their moves alongside rihanna lips.

He described taking Gomez to dinner in center of the Staple Center soon after which watching “Titanic” on large screen simply because most romantic thing he’s done on her. And, while dating is sort of tricky with being under such a public spotlight, he told me that he never wanted these types of separate once they were out, because he never wanted her to feel like he’s embarrassed with her.

Sources diagnose that Ora isn’t taken with dating Styles either because he’s “not her type.” Ora was said to be dating Rob Kardashian, nevertheless the relationship also has cooled, since he been recently seen partying recently together with other women, including Ora’s friend rihanna. Ora has also described herself as “single” in recent interviews.

Carney enraged Bieber fans by changing his Twitter profile to Justin Beiber’s name and picture, and adding “official twitter for that actual verified justin bieber DOS virtual buddy” to the profile. This comes after Patrick Carney said Usher didn’t deserve any Grammy nominations, a behavior which of course Bieber’s fans don’t take kindly to hearing. If there is anything one can possibly say with respect to the “Beliebers,” may be that very good quite obsessed with their button.

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield. The album was a novel which in fact have a wonderful chapter of songs. These Words, had the lyrics and the tunes all friends working together giving it dance ability. Single and Unwritten, had an encouraging message of being a strong, and independent young models. An album of sheer poetic quality made ideal hit Pop album.

As mentioned, Jay-Z is gearing considerably release an important single which has Rihanna and Kanye West titled “Run This Town”. His album Blueprint 3 is due in stores September 11th.