Beyonce Flaunts Baby Bump, Pregnancy Official At Vmas

I have given you the tools and suggestions to update your wardrobe for Fall, the must-haves, how to do it yourself for example. As a fashionista, your current days your own just arent looking or feeling your because, well, you are addicted for the newest,trendiest things aka a person ready with regard to. This may be conceived by others as a shopping addiction, but I find nice to consider as an ever-changing style pattern. That said, I’ve tips for that easily bored, and trend-hungry fashionistas cheaply.

In an interesting interview together with Houston-native, LeToya discussed the album, movie projects, potential R&B pairings, and says that she probably wouldn’t mind creating a duet with rihanna concert toronto.

We’ve got our first shots of rihanna on trips in Manhattan today. Ri is rocking a new hairstyle, very Michael Yost. Not sure how I feel about it, but since Rihanna’s every day life is anything but simple now I think her hair is the least of her worries. This indicates most of your bruising face has healed, but Rihanna did keep her sunglasses on for the entirety on the day, both inside and out.

On Wednesday night, justin bieber made his second TV awards show appearance inside a week by stopping at the CMT Music Awards using his mom Pattie Mallette — and he even landed with winning an award after the process thanks to his “That Should Be Me” collaboration with Rascal Flatts.

The star came out singing Umbrella with a string orchestra backing her up. She was donning a suit jacket, next when she moved into Only Girl (In The World) she stripped trip conservative jacket to show a hot glittering top and black fringe cover. During Rude Boy, she was joined by dancers, and after that Drake sang Rihanna’s What’s My List? Finally, Kanye came out and closed the actual rockin’ performance with Most of the Lights.

The Barbados beauty is here a great from the cookie cutter teen who appeared with a music scene just several years ago. In fact, she’s No. 2 on People magazine’s Best Dressed List for 2009. You don’t obtain that high for a list by playing it safe.

The 55th Annual Grammys will air this coming Sunday, February 10th at 8 k.m. EST on CBS. Performers include Taylor Swift, Elton John as well as the Black Secrets. Be sure to stay tuned to catch all the music activity!