Beyonce Falls – Beautiful Women In Competition – A Mysterious Symptom Called Jealousy?

The Kentucky Exposition Center’s newest sister facility, the KFC Yum! Center, is becoming one of probably the most talked about venues in Louisville. The condition of the art, multi-purpose arena does not officially open until October 10, 2010, yet already has nine hot ticket shows on its calendar to date more announcements in next months.

After the incident justin bieber funny death posted an instagram video poking fun at herself while remixing the lyrics to the song she was performing during the incident.

Before the arrest, Lohan was last seen for just a justin bieber concert at Madison Square Outdoors. The troubled star looked happy and relaxed during the concert. A picture of Lohan at the concert leaked on TMZ and on Twitter.

Eminem. Eminem says items we do not wish to hear. We are mad at him, all of us just hate him as it. However, he tells the reality, and we love him because it. Sometimes you just have being the actual truth.

rihanna inspired celebrity full lace wigs are a novice on marketplace as her style has thrust her into the title of fashion maven. Her good girl gone bad image and her funky cut has lace wig lovers loosing their mind. While many women wouldn’t like to cut distinctive hair to such lengths, a Rihanna full lace wig allows women to achieve the look.

The latest revision for this MTV classic show are fun pranks that bring stars to the brink of tears. According to Justin Bieber, he thought i’d play a faiytale on Taylor Swift as she was a sweet girl he i thought i’d make yowl.

What will be the thoughts on Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Rebecca Black being nominated for the OMA’s? Anyone think they deserve an on the internet music honor? Leave your comments the following are some.