Beyonce Releases Steamy New Summer Track Standing For The Sun

One Direction’s Harry Styles and singer Rita Ora have been seen partying together again, but the two stars aren’t definitely interested in dating each other, sources tell me. The Daily Mirror has published photos of Styles and Ora leaving the London nightclub Mahiki associated with early-morning hours of August 31, next year.

Dangerously In Love- rihanna zayn. Beyonce who left her group Destiny’s Child also brought a grown up style to her mp3. What is it about being a solo artist that makes them seem more aged? I don’t know but it is going to. The album was released with a lot of fun of sex appeal. Crazy In Love, Naughty Girl and Baby Boy, wasn’t entirely anything new for Beyonce, I already knew she a new great voice, and could dance. Yet, her independence seemed setting her unengaged to be more rebellious and try new things in her music.

Cher definitely feels how the entire episode is warrant the discussion, but it had been suppose to have been photographer show (remember justin bieber was on earlier in the broadcast) exactly why such a bold statement with young eyes?

Kim Kardashian and Justin bieber have a good history as a whole. After meeting at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last spring, the two celebrities created a friendship via Twitter. They eventually did a photo shoot together, sparking controversy in the press. It looks like 2 stars have managed to have their relationship strong, supporting eath other in creative projects.

Other performers tonight include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Cee-Lo Green and Bruno Mars among others. rihanna is also supposed carry out but she recently has dealt a battle with bronchitis so not so sure crowd going to take place or not too.

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