Justin Timberlake Says He’s Ready To Get Back Into Music

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And Superstar beyonce queen is considered the singer in the halftime show this year – keep in mind that it was Beyonce who sang the national anthem with the Superbowl XXXVIII.

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People magazine is reporting that on spirit of girls who get back to their abusers based in the compelling “I’m sorry, baby, you just made me so mad” argument, rihanna has returned Chris Brown, and each of them are working things out at .Diddy’s. Because he’s like the UN for r&b singers or something, I’m not sure.

A very charming and seemingly elderly justin bieber discussed a massive amount topics including handling fame and fortune, his false fatherhood claim and DNA test, his responsibility to Jesus as part career exactly what attracted him to his current ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

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